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Auto Enrolment Services

Information regarding our various auto enrolment services can be seen below

Auto Enrolment Basic:

We will deduct the pension contributions that you have set up and we will upload a monthly deductions report to the pension provider of your choice

Setup fee £0

Monthly Fee £2 per employee submission


Auto Enrolment Full:

We will provide the services detailed in Auto Enrolment Lite, plus we will assess your employees, set up the scheme, upload your employee’s information to the scheme and advice you what correspondence is needed to be sent out and when it needs to be sent. This is a complete service to ensure that you remain compliant and setup a fully functioning pension scheme for your qualifying employees, this is the scheme for you if you wish to retain the responsibility for communicating the details of the scheme with your employees.

Setup fee £299

Plus monthly fee £2 per employee submission


Auto Enrolment Advanced:

This will include all the tasks in auto enrolment lite and auto enrolment standard, plus we will manage all the communications with your employees ensuring that you remain compliant and that all statutory correspondence is worded correctly.

Setup Fee £399 plus £5 per employee communicated with

plus monthly fee of £2 per employee submission

All the above charges are subject to VAT

You may be aware that employers are soon to have a legal obligation to provide a workplace Pension, this process is known as auto enrolment.

You can find out when is your staging date (commencement of the scheme) by following the Pensions Regulator link, you will need your PAYE employers Reference

The auto enrolment process is required by law and there are severe penalties for non-compliance.

We are pleased to inform you that we are able to help with the setup and ongoing running of auto enrolment ensuring that all your legal obligations are met and you are compliant with the workplace pension rules.

We are not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide advice regarding the choice of pension schemes, there are many available, we have experience working with NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) You may wish to look at this by following the link below.

This is a Government setup organisation and is free for the employer and has low charges for the employee. You may wish to consider this option, other pension schemes are available.

Our Auto Enrolment prices can be seen below, we have provided a choice of three levels of service. The prices shown are in addition to our standard weekly and monthly payroll processing charges.

We will not make any charges until the work is completed, this will be shortly after your Staging date.

We look forward to assisting you with your auto enrolment responsibilities.

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