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29 Mar

National Living Wage


From 1 April 2016 the new National Living Wage (NLW) comes into force. This will affect most employers who pay the current minimum wage and it must be noted that the NLW is a significant increase on the current National Minimum Wage. The effect of this increase on your business cannot be under estimated as

21 Oct

Auto Enrolment Service


Details of the PGA Payroll Services Auto Enrolment Service have now been finalised, we believe in transparent pricing for all our services and we have a page dedicated to Auto enrolment services and prices, the page can be found by following the link below. Please let us know if you need any further information

01 Oct

New Minimum Wage 2015

For all pay periods after 1 October 2015, the new National Minimum Wage takes effect. This is a legal requirement for employers and it may cause significant issues if the NMW is not applied across all age groups. For your information the new minimum wage 2015 rates are as follows: Employees over 21 years old

14 May

Changing Payroll Suppliers


Is Changing Payroll Suppliers Difficult? If you feel that your current Payroll Services provider is not performing up to your expectations or is not offering you excellent value for money, you may feel that it is time to look around for an alternative. At PGA Payroll Services we are always pleased to welcome new clients,

08 May

Free Payroll Software


Free Payroll Software, not as cheap as you would think. You may have seen it advertised on the net, free payroll software. Sounds good? well, maybe not as good as you may think, most payroll software on the market does the job it claims to, to be extra sure look for software that has the

02 May

Payroll Software


Choosing payroll software can be quite a daunting task if you are not already conversant with the payroll process. That is one of the main problems that business owners find with payroll, it is all so complicated and time consuming. One easy way of choosing payroll software is to let someone else do the task

01 May

Payroll Accountant


Payroll Accountant Payroll Accountant, One of the many advantages of using PGA Payroll Services to provide your payroll services is that we are owned and managed by a qualified accountant. This benefits our clients as all our processes and systems have been designed and developed From an accountants perspective which means the advice that we

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