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Care Home Payrolls

Care Home Payrolls: There are certain more involved industry sectors in which we are experienced and are able to bring our own solutions to payroll problems.

Care Home Payroll Services brings certain unique challenges, among these are:

  • Staff may be paid weekly and monthly
  • Short turnaround times for payrolls
  • Ensuring travel time is paid correctly
  • High turnover of staff
  • Majority of staff are part time
  • Calculating holiday pay
  • Minimum Wage Issues
  • National Living Wage Issues
  • Some staff have other jobs

Each of the above can make Care Home payrolls difficult and expensive to administer, by using our experience and ensuring that we work with employers to standardise the information required for each pay run, we can normally ensure that these complex payrolls are processed for the same cost as less involved payrolls.

Care home providers and especially care in the community providers need to pay special attention to the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage legislation as HMRC are looking at the area of travelling time very closely and there have been a significant amount of prosecutions for breaches of this legislation, the majority of the breaches have been unintentional, however, they still prosecute. Our experience in this field together with our credentials as qualified accountants ensure that you are receiving the best possible advice regarding these matters.

If you have a Care Home or Community Care business and require assistance please contact us and we can show you how we can help.

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