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Nursery Payrolls

Nursery Payrolls:

A Nursery payroll brings it’s own unique challenges, however we have many year experience in preparing payrolls for Nurseries and pre schools. You can therefore use our services safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing and have the experience to provide essential advice if and when you require it.

Nursery Payrolls have added complexities, among these are:

  • Staff may be paid weekly, four weekly and monthly
  • Short turnaround times for payrolls
  • Pay can be calculated on a term time only basis
  • Relatively high turnover of staff
  • High proportion of staff are part time
  • Calculating holiday pay
  • Minimum Wage Issues
  • National Living Wage issues
  • Workplace pension issues
  • Some staff have other jobs

Each of the above can make Nursery payrolls awkward and time consuming for the business owner, our expertise enables you to concentrate on the important aspects of your business whilst leaving the administration of the payroll to us

If you have a Nursery or Pre school payroll and require assistance please contact us and we can show you how we can help.

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