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Payroll Services Prices

Our Payroll Services Prices have been carefully thought through to ensure that we are able to supply a complete service within 1 simple to understand price. We regularly check our competitors to ensure that we remain one of the most cost effective payroll service suppliers in the UK.
All our payrolls are processed in the UK by qualified staff and this will continue to be the case, we will never outsource our services to you.

Our payroll pricing is kept as simple as possible, for our monthly payroll service we charge £2.50, £3.00 or £4.00 per payslip, dependent upon the level of service that you require. This is a guaranteed price with no added extras. Our charges are payable by Standing Order monthly and will not change every time you take on an employee as we assess the number of employees just once per year. Weekly payrolls are charged at just £1.25, £1.50 or £2.00 per payslip, again dependent upon the level of service that you choose is right for you.

Our Payroll Service Prices have a minimum charge of between £12.50 and £20.00 per payroll run for monthly payrolls and between £6.25 and £10.00 per payroll run for weekly payrolls. These minimum charges cover payrolls of between 1 and 5 employees. The exact cost can be seen using our instant quote tool on our home page.

We do not make any charge for setting up your payroll, nor do we charge for all of the year end reconciliations, RTI online filing and production of paper p60 earnings statements for all your employees. We will always reclaim the employment allowance on your behalf and advise you of the savings that you make

We do not charge extra for:

  • Joiners
  • Leavers
  • Preparation of P45s
  • Reclaim of Employment Allowance
  • Multiple rates of pay
  • Changes of address
  • Statutory Maternity Pay administration
  • Statutory Paternity Pay administration
  • Statutory Sick Pay administration

In addition to being easy for everyone to understand You Can Contact Us For Further Assistance.

You can call us on 01666 822256 or you can use our instant quote tool 

                                                                                                          and see for yourself how little PGA Payroll Services will cost.

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