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Pub Payrolls

One of our specialities is providing Pub Payrolls

Although, pleasant places to go and spend an evening, pubs are quire complex when it comes to payrolls. Issues that we find as follows:

  • Payrolls likely to be weekly
  • High Turnover of staff
  • Staff on hourly rates
  • Young staff subject to Minimum Wage Rules
  • Irregular work patterns
  • Seasonal Staff
  • Students employed
  • Holiday pay Calculations
  • Issues with tip distribution (if an attached restaurant)
  • Landlords have better things to do with their time than worry about payroll

All of the above require an experienced  Payroll Services Provider to ensure that all the rules and regulations are met and that the submissions to HMRC are made accurately and on time.

At PGA Payroll Services we have this experience and we can provide the service that you require at a surprisingly low price.

Our full payroll Service is priced at just £1.25 per person per payslip with a minimum charge of just £7.50 per week plus VAT which of course you can reclaim.

Not only do we prepare your weekly or monthly payrolls, we make your submissions to HMRC and advise you of what you need to pay over to them and when to pay it. We also provide a full year end service that is included in our price above so you do not need to worry about extra costs, we guarantee:


In short we provide a one stop service to Public Houses for all their payroll requirements.

Take a moment to check what you are being charged at the moment and how much of your and your staffs time is being taken up by payroll.

This is what we do and we are pretty good at it. you can get an instant quote by completing the short form at the top of the page and we will contact you and explain how we can save you time and save you money.

PGA Payroll Services, the specialists in Public House Payrolls.

Check our site for an instant quote now and let us take away your payroll headaches.

P.S Don’t forget the HMRC penalties for late weekly submissions are to be introduced soon, £100 for every late submission can end up being very expensive.

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