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Restaurant Payrolls

Restaurant Payrolls: As with some of the other specialised payrolls that we have extensive experience Restaurant Payrolls have their own unique challenges. Our experience can help you to run your payroll in a more efficient way, keeping your staff happy and just as importantly keeping you compliant with the ever increasingly complex requirements of running a payroll.

Payroll Services for Restaurants brings certain challenges, among these are:

  • Staff may be paid weekly and monthly
  • Short turnaround times for payrolls
  • Dealing with gratuities and tips
  • Relatively high turnover of staff
  • Majority of staff are part time
  • Calculating holiday pay
  • Minimum Wage Issues
  • Under 21 Employers NI exemption
  • National Living Wage issues
  • Some staff have other jobs

Each of the above can make Restaurant payrolls difficult and expensive to administer, by using our experience and ensuring that we work with employers to standardise the information required for each pay run, we can normally ensure that these complex payrolls are processed for the same cost as less involved payrolls. In addition to our payroll services for weekly and monthly paid staff, we offer a fixed price auto enrolment solution to ensure that you are compliant with the new workplace pensions rules that are now being rolled out across all businesses in the UK. The penalties for not getting this right are severe, we feel that the modest cost associated with us taking this complex task off your hands is a very worthwhile investment.


If you have a Restaurant, Hotel or Pub payroll and require assistance with either your payroll services or auto enrolment workplace pensions, please contact us and we can show you how we can help.

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