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Single Employee Payrolls

Single Employee Payrolls from just £10 per month. This is the cost effective solution that many employers are looking for. We understand that if you have a single employee the administration and the cost can be quite a burden on you when you want to get on with your business.

This is why we have introduced an affordable service for employers who have a single employee payroll.

It operates very simply, you let us know each month or each week how much your employee has earned, we do the calculations and email your a payslip showing how much you need to pay to the employee and we will also send you a report each month letting you know how much you need to pay to HMRC.

We look after all,the administration for the low monthly fee and let you and your employee get on with business.

Pricing for our Single Employee Payroll Service is very simple.

If your employee is paid monthly then it is £10 per month, if you pay your employee weekly then it is £25 per month, you do of course receive weekly payslips for this. One single low payment to take away all your payroll headaches.

If you grow the business and take on another employee, we will only charge an extra £3 per month for monthly paid employees and £5 per month for weekly paid.

The above prices are guaranteed and provide you with a full employee payroll service that meets all the reporting requirements of HMRC, will keep your employee satisfied and is provided at a cost that will benefit you and your business.

Single employee payrolls do not need to be expensive, nor do you need to hide your employees and risk the wrath of the HMRC inspectors, we keep you within the law and keep things simple.

Call us on 01666 822256 and we will do the rest.

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