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Dealing with HMRC

April 30, 2015

When you sign up as a client with PGA Payroll Services you hand over the payroll headaches to us.
Dealing with HMRC can be one of those headaches if the payroll service is not correctly organised.

Payroll is about to go through it’s most significant change in many years, for all payment dates after 6 April 2012 payroll payments will have to be reported directly to HMRC as they are processed. This system will be known as Real Time Information (RTI).

The implementation of this system will affect every employer and employee in the UK and it is imperative that actions are taken in readiness for its actual implementation. The seeds have been sown for absolute chaos as payroll payments that do not include all the required information will be rejected and will have to be resubmitted once the correct information has been submitted.

The RTI process replaces the current system of submitting year end PAYE? NI returns on an annual basis after the payroll year ends.

There are still lots of questions that require answers and we are less than 5 months away from implementation day. RTI will mean that dealing with HMRC becomes even more important, we are here to help you through this change.

We supply monthly reports detailing the PAYE and National Insurance payments that should be paid and we attach these to an e mail which provides the date by which they should be paid.

All annual payroll returns are made electronically and year end P60 statements of earnings areprovided in hard copy for you to distribute to your staff.

We are copied in on any correspondence from HMRC so you can be confident that if you miss anything important, we will catch it and bring it to your attention.

All our dealings with HMRC are electronic so there is no more arguing with them about whether a p45 was prepared, we can prove it was.

By getting your payroll services right first time we ensure that the only dealings you have with HMRC will be paying them PAYE and NI once a month.

Dealing With HMRC

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