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Directors Payroll Service

As a Director of a limited Company, you are not subject to the same rules as employees, so you won’t be subject to minimum wage legislation. You may therefore take a small salary, which utilises your annual tax-free allowance and take the remainder of your remuneration through dividends.

For the low cost of just £20 per month + VAT you can take advantage of this and remain compliant with HMRC. We will:

  • Register your business as an employer (if required)
  • Guarantee that all payrolls are checked by a qualified accountant
  • Calculate the optimal monthly salary for up to two Directors
  • Provide monthly payslips in pdf format
  • Make quarterly nil returns to HMRC on your behalf
  • Prepare end of year p60 statements for each Director
  • Prepare monthly RTI submissions
  • Deal with any correspondence from HMRC

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If you go on to grow your business and take on employees, we can continue to provide a fully compliant payroll service at a great value for money price.

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