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Single Employee Payroll Service

At PGA Payroll Services, we understand that employing just one person can end up being prohibitively expensive as most payroll companies have a one size fits all minimum charge. We can look after all administration for a low monthly fee and let you get on with your business.

  • For one monthly paid employee our minimum charge is just £15 per month + VAT
  • For one weekly paid employee our charge is just £25 per month + VAT
  • You will receive a full payroll service that meets all your requirements whether your employee is on a fixed wage or variable hours
  • If you grow the business and take on another employee, we only charge an extra £4 per month + VAT for monthly paid employees and £5 per month + VAT for weekly paid
  • All prices are guaranteed and provide you with a full employee payroll service that meets all the reporting requirements of HMRC

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We can also help you enrol your employees in a Pension Scheme as required by the Pensions Regulator.
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