14th May, 2015

Changing Payroll Suppliers

Changing Payroll Suppliers
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Is Changing Payroll Suppliers Difficult?

If you feel that your current Payroll Services provider is not performing up to your expectations or is not offering you excellent value for money, you may feel that it is time to look around for an alternative.

At PGA Payroll Services we are always pleased to welcome new clients, our Instant Quote Tool can show you just how little our services cost and our unique price guarantees will provide you with the certainty that you need to understand the costs and be confident that there will not be any unexpected surprises.

One of the most frequent questions that we get asked is how difficult will it be to change Payroll Suppliers during the payroll year.

The answer to this is that changing payroll suppliers is not difficult at all, we are very experienced in transferring payrolls over to our system and we can accept the information in whatever format your previous provider will send it.

In order to allow you to stay focussed on your business all we will need from you is the email contact from your previous Payroll Services provider, we will then do the rest.

We contact your previous provider with a detailed list of the information that we require, this is normally easy to extract from payroll systems and will be sent to us attached to an email, within 24 hours of us receiving the information will be ready to go and run your payroll for you.

All we will need from you is an email each month advising us of the number of hours worked or changes to salaries and we do all the rest, preparing payslips, net pay reports, liability statements and any number of other bespoke reports that you or your accountant require.

So if you are considering changing your Payroll Services provider let us know and we will be pleased to manage the transfer process on your behalf, remember, we never make any extra charges and this includes no setup fees at all.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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