30th January, 2015

Client Case Studies

Client Case Studies
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The Client case studies shown below provide our payroll services to companies of all sizes, whether the business is established or newly setup, we offer solutions that are designed to make life simple for our clients.

We have provided a few case studies below showing how we offer innovative solutions at value for money prices, the chances are, whatever shape and size your business, we have experience of one similar.

Nursery school payroll

Our client approached us from another payroll supplier who was having problems meeting the short timescales between the monthly payroll hours being available and the pay date agreed with the employees.

As all the employees were paid on an hourly rate, the amount to be paid would not be known until after close of business on the last working day of the month. The employees were paid 5 working days after the end of the month, when weekends intervened this made the deadlines extremely tight, especially as bank payments took 3 days to clear.

We solved the time problem by providing a pro forma spreadsheet that collated hours on a daily basis so on the last day of the month there was only the final timesheet to input. This spreadsheet was sorted on the same basis as our system input to make life easier for us and finally we introduced our clients to BACS so that instead of slaving over their PC to organise 40 internet banking payments they authorised the BACS file that we produced for them and staff were paid on the day that they required, no more missed payments, no more unhappy staff.

Start up company payroll

This client approached us with a request to assist them in setting up a payroll scheme for their newly formed catering company. When a new company commences trading time is very important and wading through the HMRC site trying to gather information on how to register as an employer is not the best use of this time. We register dozens of employers each year so we know where to look and what information we require. Cost to the client nothing, plus they were able to use the time saved to concentrate on getting their business up and running.

Director only limited company payroll

We were asked by a prospective client how much it would cost to provide a full payroll service for the Director of their IT contracting company. They had been quoted £30 per month and the future charges would be invoiced each month on an actual time basis. In addition to being very expensive this was another invoice each month that the client would have to process and pay.

Our solution was simplicity itself, we have a Director payroll service specifically designed for Director only limited Companies, which provides a full Directors payroll service requiring little or no input from the client, this service is provided for a flat fee of £15 per month, the payment is taken by standing order and there is no fussing with pieces of paper, an electronic invoice is e mailed each month to cover the standing order.

Restaurant payroll

Payroll services for restaurants are one of our specialities, whether the restaurant is self standing or attached to a pub, we have the experience to provide the solution, the majority of our restaurant payroll clients pay on a weekly basis so turnaround has to be quick and accuracy most important, chefs are temperamental enough without provoking them by incorrect payments.

There is a high staff turnover amongst our restaurant and hotel payroll clients, fortunately our policy of not charging for starters or leavers means that this does not further add costs to the business, in fact apart from the 1 month setup charge and the year end processing charge (again 1 month) there are no extra fees to pay on top of the monthly processing charges, our flat monthly fee includes unlimited starters, leavers, deductions, accommodation charges, distribution and taxation of tips and gratuities, all this for £3 per week per employee.

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