5th February, 2015

Electronic Payroll

Electronic Payroll
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Our e payroll as it has become known is quite simply payroll without the paper. More and more companies and individuals are starting to take note of how much paper and packaging is actually circulated and wasted in the average office. Ay PGA Payroll Services we have embraced technology to provide a completely paper free payroll service.

We receive the input information via email and this can be attached as a spreadsheet or contained within the body of the e mail. All the mails that we receive are filed electronically and the information on them is transferred across to our payroll systems.

Once the payroll has been processed we send PDF payslips to the employer who can then distribute them to the employees. The associated payroll reports are all electronic so no need for print outs or wasted paper.

In addition to being friendly to our trees, e payroll also saves time and money, there is no delay in receiving the payslips as there is no waiting for the postman, additionally payslips and envelopes cost money, as does the extortionate postage charges. We are able to pass these savings on to our customers by keeping prices low and unless specifically asked otherwise we always use electronic payslips.

Our monthly or weekly reports that you will find very useful are also sent electronically, these include

  • A net pay report to help with making payments
  • A payroll liabilities report to show how much to pay to HMRC
  • A Payroll Summary report which shows a summary of all payments

Electronic payroll is here to stay and the advantages, both time and money are many for you, the employer. If you would like to find out more about PGA Payroll Services, please enter your details on our instant quote tool at the top of the page or simply pick up the phone and give us a call for a no obligation chat on 01666 822256.

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