8th May, 2015

Free Payroll Software

Free Payroll Software
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Free Payroll Software, not as cheap as you would think.

You may have seen it advertised on the net, free payroll software. Sounds good? well, maybe not as good as you may think, most payroll software on the market does the job it claims to, to be extra sure look for software that has the Inland Revenue approved mark on its website

This ensures that the software has been reviewed by HMRC and meets all its requirements, all software used by PGA Payroll Services does of course meet the HMRC standard.

However, back to free payroll, nothing is of course free, it may be funded by advertising popping up when you least expect it or there may be ongoing fees that are not immediately apparent. The one exception to this is the payroll software that HMRC itself supplies, good luck with that if you have the time.

In fact all payroll software is free when you use a payroll services supplier such as PGA. By using our service you are paying for us to take away your payroll headaches and relieve you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Our average charges are far less than an annual subscription to the leading payroll software suppliers and of course we do all the work.

So if you are tempted by the offer of free payroll software, think again and check out how little it will cost to outsource your payroll and give yourself peace of mind.

Our Monthly Payroll Services start from just £15 per month + vat and our weekly payroll services just £7.50 per week +vat

You can call us on 01666 822256 or you can use our instant quote tool and see for yourself how little PGA Payroll Services will cost. Free Payroll Software? No Thanks

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