30th November, 2014

How to do Payroll

How to do Payroll
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How to do payroll is your choice, you can send the weekly or monthly payroll data to us, whichever way you find the most convenient is the way that we will receive it. However our experience has shown that more mistakes are made when payroll data is verbally transmitted than when it is transmitted in writing. So wherever possible we would encourage our clients to use e mail or fax.

Step 1 Send us the Data

The data may be in an e mail format or it may be in a spreadsheet, it may even be in timesheets
direct from your own recoding system, whatever the format we can deal with it.

We do ask that it arrives in decimal format, so if fractions of hours are included they should be .50
for half an hour, .25 for a quarter of an hour, .75 for three quarters of an hour etc. If this is likely to
cause you a problem please let us know and we will find a solution.

We can turn payroll around in a very short time, however we would ask you to send data and
amendments 24 hours before you require the payroll returned, this allows us to schedule your
payroll service in the most efficient manner

Step 2 Processing the Payroll

This is where we do our job, we take the information that you have supplied and put it input it into our Payroll System, the system calculates, the tax, employers NI and employees Ni and produces payslips ready for checking and distribution back to you.

Step 3 Receiving your Payroll Data

At PGA Payroll Services, we only send you the reports that you will need, no clogging up your inbox with detailed analysis that you do not use.

Our standard payroll reports sent in pdf format are:

  • Individual payslips ready to be printed off and distributed to employees, these are formatted 1 payslip per page for quicker distribution.
  • Net pay report to assist you in paying employees quickly, this report shows the employee name and the net amount to be paid after deductions.
  • Gross to net report, useful for your book keeping. This shows the gross payment to each employee and all the deductions leading to their net pay.
  • Payroll liabilities report showing what needs to paid over to HMRC, this report is the sum of all the employee deductions for the payroll period.

For the majority of our clients the above 4 reports are all they need to pay their employees,
provide the information for the book keepers and pay HMRC, however, If your business has specific reporting requirements we are always happy to discuss them and will do our best to help.

 You can call us on 01666 822256 or you can use our instant quote tool and see for yourself how little PGA Payroll Services will cost.

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