7th March, 2015

How To Pay Employees

How To Pay Employees
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How to Pay Employees is a question we often get asked, Paying Employees can be a tiresome task; however it is crucial that employees are paid correctly 100% of the time. We encourage our clients to pay their employees electronically as this leaves an audit trail, however we also recognise that all businesses are different and they will use methods that are the easiest for them.

Once you send your payroll details to PGA Payroll Services, whether they be weekly or Monthly, salaries or hourly paid, we will start the payroll processing straight away. Once the payroll is checked and meets our 100% right first time standards, we will send you the following:

Electronic payslips that are formatted to print straight onto A4 printer paper ready for distribution to your employees. By using electronic payslips and email we are able to ensure that we turn around your payroll in the minimum possible time.

A net pay report which shows the net amount per employee to be paid for the payroll period. This is sorted by employee alphabetically so it speeds up the process if you are using internet banking to pay your employees.

Finally we prepare a payroll liabilities report which we send to you providing you with details of how much needs to be paid to HMRC and when it needs to be paid.

In addition to the 3 basic reports above, we are able to send you bespoke reports which you may need for your book keeper or accountant. We can also run periodic management reports for you to let you know how much you are spending on your payroll.

Our systems and procedures are designed to make life easier for you, the employer. If you were wondering how to pay employees, we are here to help you.

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