30th December, 2014

How to Pay Your Employees

How to Pay Your Employees
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This can be a tiresome task; however it is crucial that employees are paid correctly 100% of the time. When our client ask how to pay employees , we encourage them to pay their employees electronically as this leaves an audit trail, however we also recognise that all businesses are different and use methods that are the easiest for them.

We provide a net pay report which shows the net amount per employee to be paid for the payroll period. This is sorted alphabetically so it speeds up the process if you are using internet banking to pay your employees.

For employers who need pay by cash we can supply paper payslips in envelopes for a small extra
charge, please ask for details.

We are also able to produce BACS files if you prefer to pay your employees this way. For further
details on our BACS service please speak to your designated contact within PGA Payroll Services and ask them How To Pay Employees

Our standard payroll reports sent in pdf format are:

  • Individual payslips ready to be printed off and distributed to employees, these are formatted 1 payslip per page for quicker distribution.
  • Net pay report to assist you in paying employees quickly, this report shows the employee name and the net amount to be paid after deductions.
  • Gross to net report, useful for your book keeping. This shows the gross payment to each employee and all the deductions leading to their net pay.
  • Payroll liabilities report showing what needs to paid over to HMRC, this report is the sum of all the employee deductions for the payroll period.

For the majority of our clients the above 4 reports are all they need to pay their employees,
provide the information for the book keepers and pay HMRC, however, If your business has specific reporting requirements we are always happy to discuss them and will do our best to help.

How To Pay Employees

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