3rd March, 2015

Limited Company Payroll

Limited Company Payroll
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At PGA Payroll Services we provide a fully managed limited company payroll service for all sizes of business in all business sectors.

All limited company payroll services for the different sizes of business are virtually the same, with the notable exception of the Directors payroll within a Limited Company.

All employees are paid their salary and statutory deductions are taken off this amount before the employee is paid their net salary.

All employees are covered by the National Minimum Wage which ensures they are paid at least this hourly rate. Director / shareholders of small Limited Companies take their remuneration in a different way. They are not constrained by the NMW so tend to pay themselves a salary which consists of the maximum possible without being subject to any income tax Or NIC’s, for the current payroll year 2015 / 2016 this optimum salary is £672 per month.

The balance of their income is then taken via dividends taken out of the companies post tax profits, the amount of dividend depends upon the available profit and the number of shares held by the director.

PGA Payroll Services run many limited company payroll schemes of this type and being managed by a qualified accountant we are able to provide top quality advice on Limited Company Profit Extraction as part of our normal payroll service. Call us on 01666 822256 to discuss your personal Circumstances.

You can obtain an instant quote by using our quote tool at the top of the page or if you prefer call us on 01666 822256 and we will be pleased to have a no obligation chat.

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