1st May, 2015

Payroll Accountant

Payroll Accountant
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Payroll Accountant, One of the many advantages of using PGA Payroll Services to provide your payroll services is that we are owned and managed by a qualified accountant. This benefits our clients as all our processes and systems have been designed and developed From an accountants perspective which means the advice that we supply is both accurate and effective for your business.

We do not wait to be asked the question if we see something that should be brought to your attention or would be financially beneficial to your business we will tell you.

Whether it is calculating the benefits of a Directors level of pay, or ensuring that you are always aware of where you stand regarding the minimum wage, there is a lot more to payroll than just processing numbers.

With the introduction of Real Time Information and the £2,000 employment allowance that is available to most businesses, payroll is becoming more and more complex. From April 2015 HMRC are introducing draconian penalties if RTI submissions are made late. At PGA we provide the reassurance to you that your submissions are made correctly and on time. The new pension arrangements for auto enrolment will soon be upon us so accuracy and compliance are to become even more important.

It is very reassuring for our clients to know that their payroll is being overseen by highly experienced and qualified personell.

Philip Gurnhill, our managing director has worked for the top UK accounting firms and has been involved in payroll for over 20 years. Can your current payroll services provider supply such credentials?

This experience and expertise has enabled us to develop our paperless payroll systems and keep our prices at a level that will pleasantly surprise you.

Phil is not just a figurehead in the business he works in it full time, to discuss your payroll requirements in detail you can call him direct on 01666 822256. Your very own payroll accountant.

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